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Who is my neighbor?

Turning on the news lately has been depressing to say the least. Fighting (both domestically and internationally), hateful words being spoken, riots--it seems never-ending. I keep coming back to the … [Read More...]

The story of how the devotional "So Much Bigger Than The Bunny" came to be. A Lent and Easter resource for you and your kids. At

“So Much Bigger Than The Bunny”: The Backstory

When Josh came to me in 2009 and talked about the "Holy Week" that was right around the corner, and that he had some activities he wanted to implement in our family devotions to help our kids grasp … [Read More...]


HWLW: How To End Each Day Meditating On God’s Word

It's the beginning of the year. 2015 I can hardly believe it, even after writing it out. If you are like me you spent the majority of December re-evaluating what worked and didn't work in … [Read More...]

As we are setting spiritual goals for ourselevs, lets be sure we think about our children's spiritual lives as well!

Setting Gospel Goals With Your Children in the New Year

2015. It is really here. Each calendar year that quickly changes, I find my children getting a little older. In 2015 my children will turn 14, 11, and 7. We will hopefully adopt a new baby. Those … [Read More...]

Walking in the Way: Teach your kids the Word and point them to Jesus

Walking in The Way

Did you know that the first Christians were called followers of “The Way?” Take a look at these verses in Acts: “… and asked him for letters to the synagogues at Damascus, so that if he found any b … [Read More...]

Study the Biblical calendar: Jewish months, feasts, festivals, and other traditional Christian and Jewish events lined up with the Western / Gregorian calendar. From Grapevine Studies.

Studying the Biblical Calendar

Grapevine Studies has released a really fun new resource: 2015 Biblical Calendar. Matching up the Jewish Calendar Grapevine Studies has taken the Biblical calendar and overlaid it on our … [Read More...]


Seeing Us the Way God Sees Us

It is the beginning of a New Year, and for many people that means a time of new beginnings and resolutions. I have to admit, I am not a big fan of New Year's resolutions. Perhaps like many of you, … [Read More...]

God's Word should be the foundation of our lives. Make it a priority to memorize it this year with your kids!

A Year of Memorizing God’s Word

Each year, I make a commitment that I am going to memorize the Word of God. I know that I need to hide God's Word in my heart--because it keeps me going in the way I should, helps me keep my sin … [Read More...]

What Chopsticks Taught Me About Not Underestimating My Kids

What Chopsticks Taught Me About Not Underestimating My Kids

It was a Sunday. Our family went to grab some lunch after church before heading to get groceries. It was one of those days. I just knew everyone would be cranky, Mommy included, if we didn’t get some l … [Read More...]

Open hands holding number 2015. Happy New Year.. Selctive focus on fingers.

Fasting for the New Year

Each January, I fast in order to spend more time with the Lord and gain a clearer direction for the New Year. While my fast often means a change in my diet, I also choose a non-food item to sacrifice … [Read More...]

Psalm 1 passage memorization cards

Psalm 1 Scripture Memory Cards

Have you printed out your 2015 scripture log for the Family Scripture Memory Challenge? Make sure to do that and then download this January's free scripture cards to memorize Psalm 1 together. An … [Read More...]


The Best of 2014

2014 was the first full year for us here at Kids in the Word. It was a big year! We brought on a team of writers and worked hard to bring you content and resources to help you instill a love for God … [Read More...]


How to Read the New Testament in One Year

Did you know? To read the New Testament in one year seems daunting, but did you know...? There are on average 260 week days in a year. The New Testament has 260 chapters. 2015 has 261 week … [Read More...]

Seeking Jesus Daily in the New Year

Seeking Jesus Daily in the New Year {Free Printable}

We're just days from the New Year. It's that time on the calendar when we all kick ourselves for the things we should've done, would've done, and could've done. Then we whip out our pen and pad and … [Read More...]


5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Giving Consequences

I am the worst at spurting off a consequence for a particular offense before thinking all the way through it. For example, yesterday my highly emotional 8-year-old was having a very anxious … [Read More...]