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Getting Back To The Basics Of Parenting

I think a lot of times we, as parents, make parenting more difficult than it needs to be. Hear me out. I'm not saying that parenting isn't difficult. I'm not saying that it won't stretch you to a … [Read More...]

Books of the Bible Word Search

Learn the Books of the Bible with Word Searches

My son loves word searches. They are a fun way for kids to become familiar with unfamiliar words. He's been refreshing his memorization of the books of the Bible, so I made these word searches to help … [Read More...]

Books of the Bible Copywork

Learn the Books of the Bible with Copywork

Writing something down is one of the best ways to help you remember it. When my oldest son was learning the books of the Bible, I had him trace and copy the book names. This helped him become familiar … [Read More...]

playing favorites

Playing Favorites With Your Kids

I am a momma of five kids. 5 kids. FIVE kids. It doesn't matter how I say it, or the number of times I say it...I still have five kids. To me, that is a lot of kids. Some families have … [Read More...]

family crisis

Helping Children Through Family Crisis

This has been a very hard year at my house. We have had to help our children through one family crisis after another. Lots of scary medical things have happened. It would have been easy for my … [Read More...]


Praying with Kids

Praying with your children is a powerful faith practice. Teaching children to nurture their relationship with God by continually being in conversation together is so very important. Figuring out how … [Read More...]

Road Trip w/Seeds Family Worship

Seeds Family Worship: The Word of God

I love the Bible. I love music. And the two go together beautifully. A few years ago, I learned about Seeds Family Worship. We have a couple of their CDs and my boys love them. This is a big deal … [Read More...]

close up of colorful flowers

10 Ways to Find Time With God

You want your kids to love the Lord and love His Word. We do too! That's what Kids in the Word is all about, after all. However, we can't teach our kids how to spend time with God if WE don't spend … [Read More...]

Pocketful of Thanks-RaisingBoysHomeschool

A Pocketful of Thanks

On the heels of the fall season, an attitude of thanks begins to sweep America as we prepare for Thanksgiving Day and all the details and desires it may include. As a mother, I pray and search for … [Read More...]

The timing and proximity of Thanksgiving to Christmas gives us time put our hearts in the right place before entering the Advent season. Help your kids learn year-round thankfulness and gratitude with our study at Kids in the Word. FREE sample chapter!

Teaching Your Kids About Thankfulness

I think it's interesting that Thanksgiving comes so close to Christmas in the United States. It is the perfect time to stop and refocus. Thanksgiving is a great reminder of the gratefulness we should … [Read More...]

Teach your kids about the real meaning of Christmas with the help of the curious and playful Melk, the Christmas Monkey

Melk the Christmas Monkey

Children are so full of wonder at Christmastime. There is something truly magical about the season. But weeks and weeks before Christmas, it starts. Ads. Magazines. Store displays. They all point … [Read More...]

The Key to Instilling a Love for God and the Bible in Your Children. Christian parenting tips and encouragement from Kids in the Word.

The Key to Instilling a Love for God in Your Children

"It's way easier for you than for me. You're a homeschool mom, so you're with your children more and have curriculum to tell you what to do."     As Christian moms we want to … [Read More...]

Danika's favorite audio Bible for little ones.

Bible By Osmosis {My Favorite Bible Tool for the Littles}

Jonah Being Swallowed by the Fish, 1476, Kennicott Bible, Public Domain I was particularly harried that day. (Who am I kidding? I was particularly harried every day!) It was a bright fall morning and … [Read More...]


The Power and Practice of Blessing

When my children were very young, I began to think about what kinds of spiritual practices and rituals I wanted to incorporate into our home. There was a class I was going to be teaching at my … [Read More...]

Set A Goal - Reading the entire Bible with your kids before they leave your home. Read how we're doing this in our home at Kids in the Word.

Set A Goal: Read Through The Entire Bible with Your Kids

There are 929 chapters in the Old Testament. At the pace of 2 chapters each week day, it would take 3.5 years to get through the Old Testament. I've previously told you that you can read one chapter … [Read More...]