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Comforting psalms to memorize as a family

Comforting Psalms Scripture Memory Cards (Psalm 23 & 121)

Here are your April scripture cards for the Kids in the Word Family Scripture Memory Challenge! There are many passages in scripture that can comfort us when we’re scared, worried, or just need a hug from God. Psalm 23 and 121 are a couple of favorites that we have put into scripture cards and posters for your family! […]


When the Storms Come

I often have people ask me about which story in the Bible is my favorite. I almost always tell them that it’s the Parable of the Wise and Foolish Builders in Matthew. The interesting thing is though, when someone asks me what my least favorite story in the Bible is, I give the same answer.

How to Help Kids Make Discerning Media Choices

How to Help Kids Make Discerning Media Choices

The world our kids are growing up in is full of media. Our children are constantly presented the opportunity to view, read, or listen to a constant diet of material—good and bad. So how do we teach them to navigate media? In the early years, we do it for them. Just like we protect our […]


Everything Else Is Just Overflow

We all have busy lives. Believe me, I know. I am a mama to 5 little humans. Real live humans, who require constant help with tying shoes, washing hair, packing lunches, and the never-ending task of helping with homework and projects (and taking LEGO pieces apart). I am also a wife to a man in […]

Teaching Handwriting with the Bible - Write Through the Bible Jr.

Teaching Handwriting with the Bible

Handwriting is like reading. It’s one of those necessary life skills we all must learn. And we must teach our children too! My middle son is 4 and currently learning to read and write. His reading is better than his writing at this point. His fine-motor skills need more time and practice to develop. But, what […]

My Brother's Keeper: Teaching your kids what God says about sibling relationships

What Does God Say About Sibling Relationships?

He hit me. She took my toy. It’s not my fault. He started it! I’m sure things like this are never heard at your house… but I’ll admit that these statements are said far too often at my house with three wild and crazy boys. And I said them as a kid when fighting with […]


Meeting God in the Silence

Silence is difficult. We are surrounded by noise. TV, radio, voices – true moments of silence seem few and far between. Many of us find silence uncomfortable. I know a lot of people who need music or television to fall asleep. I find myself turning on the TV or the radio when I’m home alone […]


Teaching Jesus’ Death with Visual Aids

My boys and I love teaching visuals! They are perfect to attach to the wall or whiteboard for easy accessibility during our learning. As a Bible teaching mom, I find that I need as many Biblically-themed visuals as I can get my hands on because there’s so much content to cover. That said, I could never […]

For the Woman Wondering, "Am I a Good Mom?"

For the Woman Who Wonders, “Am I a Good Mom?”

If you’re anything like me and most of the moms I know, the voice of mommy guilt is loud and persistent. She’s constantly judging your choice of snacks, schooling, technology, entertainment, expenses, and activities. The provoking circumstances are always a little different, but whether you’re wrestling with the question of bottle versus breast, home education […]

Make St Patricks Day about the Great Commission!

St Patrick’s Day and the Great Commission

As March comes in, many of us are focused on Easter, as we should be! However, St Patrick’s Day is a great day to teach your kids about the importance of the Great Commission – because that is what St Patrick’s Day is really all about! Many people think that St Patrick’s Day is all […]

Ephesians 6:10-20 passage memorization cards

Armor of God Scripture Memory Cards (Ephesians 6:10-20)

Here are your March scripture cards for the Kids in the Word Family Scripture Memory Challenge! We want our kids to learn to put on the full armor of God as they go through life, don’t we? This month we’re working on memorizing Ephesians 6:10-18 (or all the way through 20 if you like). This is a great passage […]

How to Prepare Children

How to Prepare Children for Trials

I sat in a chair and listened to a doctor trying to convince a woman to be intubated. She was screaming in Spanish and gasping. I stared at my five-year-old fingers and willed her to stop. She didn’t—until she did. When I was five, I didn’t have any context for tragedy. I played in the […]


Learning To Be Flexible With Your Family Devotional Plans

When I was younger I remember being fearful of heaven. I knew it would be beautiful and I knew I’d get to be with Jesus forever, but how in the world are we, as little humans (or even big ones for that matter), supposed to grasp the concept of FOREVER? It’s downright overwhelming if you […]

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Moe Than Fasting A Deeper Look at Lent

More Than Fasting: A Deeper Look At Lent

Lent is upon us, and for many, this means giving something up or adding something to our lives. Much like Advent, it is a time to prepare our hearts for what is to come. Lent leads us to Easter, the climax of Christ’s life on earth. For many of us though, it is a tradition […]