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Study Bible characters with your kids using this profile sheet.

Bible Character Profile Sheet

Studying the men and women of the Bible can be a powerful lesson for our kids as well as ourselves. Download this profile worksheet and use it to learn about the characters of the Bible. Here are some … [Read More...]

Seek with text

Seek Ye First To Understand

My pastor introduced me to a particular phrase from Stephen Covey that has literally changed my life: "Seek first to understand, then to be understood." Prior to learning this phrase (and … [Read More...]

3 tips for learning to be comfortable teaching the bible.

Be Comfortable Teaching the Word

Portrait of an Old Woman Reading, c.1630-1635, Gerrit Dou (1613-1675), Public Domain Let's be honest, shall we? There's been a recent realization in evangelical communities that for too long we … [Read More...]

memorizing Bible

Practical Tips for Memorizing Scripture

The last time I was here, we talked about why we should memorize Scripture and why it's good for our children to learn the discipline of Scripture memorization. For this post I promised I would … [Read More...]

Melk the Christmas Monkey

Home and Holiday Resources from Paradise Praises

Did you know that there's less than 100 days till Christmas? This Home and Holiday package of resources is just what you need to get organized for the Holidays. Just $10 for over $125 worth of … [Read More...]


Just Do One Thing

My favorite corporate tagline is “Do Something Creative Every Day.” I love creative things. They feed my soul and keep me grounded. But I am very quick to let my creative outlets slip by the … [Read More...]

Melk the Christmas Monkey

Melk the Christmas Monkey

  Melk the Christmas Monkey is coming November 1, 2014! This silly monkey is sure to help you and your kids learn about God and prepare for Christmas. While you can't get the full book until … [Read More...]


Devotional Visuals

My husband, Josh, and I have 5 littles in our house. We refer to ourselves as the Via Colony. One question we get asked quite often is, "What does family devotion time look like at your … [Read More...]

Spiritual Birthdays

Why We Celebrate Spiritual Birthdays

The fall has lots in store for us each year. We officially begin a new school year. At church, we have promotion Sunday as well as a new Bible Study class on Wednesday for each son. At least one sport … [Read More...]


12 Biblical Essentials to Memorize as a Family

Kids are little machines when it comes to memorization, aren't they? What better way to take advantage of this incredible memory skill than using it to tuck scriptures and other biblical … [Read More...]