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10 Ways to Pass Your Faith on to Your Kids

Intentional Impact: 10 Ways to Pass Your Faith on to Your Kids

The older I get, the more I realize how quickly time passes by. It seems like just yesterday when I was a kid, and now here I am raising five of my own. Each year that passes is one less year that I have to make an impact on my children, and I am continually […]

Portrait of affectionate family of three looking at camera

5 Ways to Help Your Kids Make Biblical Goals for the New Year

2016 is here and it is a time that we begin to make goals. Many people focus on a One Word that will help them with different areas of their lives. This can be confusing or hard to understand for kids – and yet, this is such a biblical concept. Here are 5 ways to […]

A Story of the Book ~ A modern-day tale with a surprise ending.

A Story of the Book

A long time ago, in a land not so far away, a young boy grew in the kingdom of his grandfather, the rightful heir to a rich and prosperous throne. His grandfather, while mighty and blessed, was a cruel and wicked man. Though his father had served the one, true God of the land, the […]

Pressing Towards the Goal: A Family Bible Study for the New Year

A Family Bible Study for the New Year

Have you made any goals for the new year? Do any of them involve helping your family grow closer to Jesus? An excellent way to reach this goal is to find a time at least once a month to gather your family together for a family Bible time. Don’t know what to study together? No […]

teaching your kids to be IN the world but not OF the world

Teaching Your Kids To Be IN The World, But Not OF The World

“How do you love the sinner without loving the sin?” Hasn’t this been the age-old question? Our kids started out being homeschooled, but after some complications we decided to enroll 2 of our 5 kids into the public school that was practically in our backyard. We have been blown away with the support they have given […]

teaching the Lord's Prayer to children part 1

The Lord’s Prayer

Sometimes, words fail me. This affliction seems to strike me at the most inopportune times. I often find myself without the words that seem appropriate during difficult times. When someone shares something with me that is deeply personal, and sometimes painful, I often find myself struggling with emotions so big that I don’t know how […]

Use football to share Biblical truths with your children!

5 Biblical Truths You Can Teach Your Kids From Football

My boys are crazy about football. Their obsession with football is interesting to me. NFL games. College games. Fantasy Football games. They’ve even trained the five-year-old to complete the plays they have written for their own backyard games! I enjoy watching games with them and I have learned quite a bit about football as a […]

Wisdom of God Scripture Memory Cards

The Wisdom Of God Memory Cards

Welcome to the 2016 Kids in the Word Family Scripture Memory Challenge!  To start 2016 off, we are going to be focusing on the Wisdom of God and memorizing Proverbs 2:1-18! This passage teaches us a lot about the wisdom of God, and how we can have wisdom in this life! This is a great […]

One Word Kids Edition

One Word: Kids Edition

Over the past several years, a new trend has surfaced. Instead of choosing a New Year’s resolution, many people are choosing a word that fits and will help them in the new year. This year, my word is going to be focus. I will work on being focused in several areas of my life: personal […]


Spiritual “Gifts”

Christmas is one of those things I battle with almost all year long. I am still working on finding a balance. After last year’s mandatory “gratitude experiment” I was very tempted to just forget about Christmas gifts all together! I was so done with the greed and the ungratefulness. I wanted my kids to “get” […]

Identity: Who are We?


When I was growing up, my dad was in the military. That meant we moved around and got to live in different places. This was also true of the people around us. Whenever someone asked us where we were from when we were growing up, we would inevitably claim the state where our parents grew […]

When our children "depart from it"

When Our Children “Depart From It”

“Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he shall not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6 I used to think this verse ensured that if I was a good enough parent and taught my kids how to read the Bible, how to pray to God, and the joy […]

Why Our Family Leaves Santa Out of Christmas

Why Our Family Leaves Santa Out of Christmas

I love Christmas–like, deck the halls ’til the beams are sagging, start Christmas carols in October, Clark Griswold, collect dozens of nativities–love Christmas. It’s second only to Easter on my list of favorite days. I always loved it as a child because there was something about the baby Jesus that made me able to identify with […]

kindness at christmas

Kindness at Christmas

Teaching our children to be kind is something that we should be doing year-round. Yet, at Christmas time, children often get a dose of the “gimmies” instead of having a heart of kindness and giving. Here are some simple ways that you can keep kindness at Christmas. Study Kindness in Scripture The best way to […]

What's in the Bible? Complete Set

What’s in the Bible? Complete Set for $99.99

My family loves the What’s in the Bible? series. We have the whole set and watch it frequently. Through 12/14/15 you can get the whole set, all 13 DVD’s, for only $99.99. Get your set here!