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Just Do One Thing

My favorite corporate tagline is “Do Something Creative Every Day.” I love creative things. They feed my soul and keep me grounded. But I am very quick to let my creative outlets slip by the … [Read More...]

Melk the Christmas Monkey

Melk the Christmas Monkey

  Melk the Christmas Monkey is coming November 1, 2014! This silly monkey is sure to help you and your kids learn about God and prepare for Christmas. While you can't get the full book until … [Read More...]


Devotional Visuals

My husband, Josh, and I have 5 littles in our house. We refer to ourselves as the Via Colony. One question we get asked quite often is, "What does family devotion time look like at your … [Read More...]

Spiritual Birthdays

Why We Celebrate Spiritual Birthdays

The fall has lots in store for us each year. We officially begin a new school year. At church, we have promotion Sunday as well as a new Bible Study class on Wednesday for each son. At least one sport … [Read More...]


12 Biblical Essentials to Memorize as a Family

Kids are little machines when it comes to memorization, aren't they? What better way to take advantage of this incredible memory skill than using it to tuck scriptures and other biblical … [Read More...]

Scripture Memory Box

How to Make a Scripture Memory Box

Scripture memory is important. We can all agree on that, right? But in practice, Scripture memory can be tough. It's so easy to put Scripture into our short-term memory but then fail to move it into … [Read More...]

Be Still

Breathe Deep

I just recently read a book. It wasn't a super spiritual book by any means. As a matter of fact, it was a book about healthy eating habits to help you live life to the fullest, called The Makers Diet. … [Read More...]


Write Through the Bible: Big Back-to-School Sale!

We’re big fans of the Gilkerson’s resources over at Intoxicated on Life! So we wanted to share with you the great news that they're hosting an awesome Back-To-School sale. From August 20th to … [Read More...]

Fruit of the Spirit for Toddlers

Fruit of the Spirit Curriculum: Teaching Early Learning Skills While Instilling God’s Truth

  As many of us are beginning or gearing up to begin a new school year, some often wonder what they’re going to do with the toddlers and preschoolers in their home. Well, the Fruit of the … [Read More...]

Jesus&10-KITW RBH

Jesus and the 10 Commandments

We are a die-hard Jesus family. In every thought, action, and deed we aim to please Him. The boys have had solid teachings on many of the New Testament scriptures and stories as we align our … [Read More...]