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Peer Pressure is hard. Here are 5 ways to help your teenager cope.

5 Ways to Help Your Teenager With Peer Pressure

Peer pressure can get the best of all of us, no matter what age we are. However, for a teenager in public school in this day and age, it seems like the pressure is up one hundred percent. Here are five simple ways that you can help and encourage your teenager who might be dealing […]

How to Help Kids Sit Through Service

How To Help Kids Sit Through Church

My two youngest boys were six and seven years old when I heard arguing from the bathroom. I sighed. After all, they were supposed to be peacefully brushing their teeth. They emerged together moments later. “Mom,” they said calmly, “we need you to explain something to us so we know who’s right. Was the burning […]


Before Passing Judgement

Our home is located about 3/4 of a mile away from the town park. If we want to walk there we take the sidewalk up to the side road, which leads directly to the trails that bring us to the park. We spend a lot of time at the three different parks that are adjoined […]

Give Them Grace Book Club

Book Club Coming: Give Them Grace

Rules. We all have rules in our homes we expect our kids to follow. The Bible has rules too, but none of us can save ourselves and live up to the standard of the law. That law exists to show us that we need a Savior. Our kids need a Savior too. They can’t perfectly follow the […]

Teaching Creation Through Earth Day

Teaching Creation Through Earth Day

Earth Day is coming up soon. I used to get a little “up in arms” about this day because I felt like it focused more on the creation than the creator. Yet, like all things, it is really what we make of the day that will fashion the way our kids view it. In my […]

Comforting Your Child with the Word of God

Comforting Your Child with the Word of God

My 4-year-old son and I were recently reading from his Bible. He’s known the story of David and Goliath for a long time but on this particular night, he had really zereod in on it. He asked a lot of questions, and spent a long time looking at pictures and thinking. Later that night, he […]


God Loves You No Matter What

I recently attended an open house at the middle school for my oldest child. I’m embarking on new territory here. For many years I have worked with middle school youth and I have publicly stated that middle school kids are my favorite, and they are! This is the first time, however, that my child will […]


Teaching Our Children NOT To Be Consumers

Last fall, my husband, Josh, and I had had enough! Enough of the greediness and the ugly words that tend to follow, like “mine,” “more,” and “now.” The current holiday season wasn’t helping our ache for contentment within our family. The plea for Christmas lists and constant gift exchanges among friends was just growing the […]

How do we keep Christ the center after Easter?

After Easter: Keeping Christ The Center

Easter is over. For the next 8 months, it is really easy to go through the motions of church and Christianity – especially for our children. We live in a world where Christmas and Easter are the only times we focus on Christ, even sometimes in Christian homes. How can we keep Christ the center, […]


The Gift of Grandparents

I grew up as a military brat, which meant that I never lived near my grandparents. Fortunately, this didn’t stop my parents and grandparents from doing things to make sure we had a great relationship with them. My mom’s parents made a trip to see us every year, no matter where we were. They helped […]

Comforting psalms to memorize as a family

Comforting Psalms Scripture Memory Cards (Psalm 23 & 121)

Here are your April scripture cards for the Kids in the Word Family Scripture Memory Challenge! There are many passages in scripture that can comfort us when we’re scared, worried, or just need a hug from God. Psalm 23 and 121 are a couple of favorites that we have put into scripture cards and posters for your family! […]


When the Storms Come

I often have people ask me about which story in the Bible is my favorite. I almost always tell them that it’s the Parable of the Wise and Foolish Builders in Matthew. The interesting thing is though, when someone asks me what my least favorite story in the Bible is, I give the same answer.

How to Help Kids Make Discerning Media Choices

How to Help Kids Make Discerning Media Choices

The world our kids are growing up in is full of media. Our children are constantly presented the opportunity to view, read, or listen to a constant diet of material—good and bad. So how do we teach them to navigate media? In the early years, we do it for them. Just like we protect our […]


Everything Else Is Just Overflow

We all have busy lives. Believe me, I know. I am a mama to 5 little humans. Real live humans, who require constant help with tying shoes, washing hair, packing lunches, and the never-ending task of helping with homework and projects (and taking LEGO pieces apart). I am also a wife to a man in […]

Teaching Handwriting with the Bible - Write Through the Bible Jr.

Teaching Handwriting with the Bible

Handwriting is like reading. It’s one of those necessary life skills we all must learn. And we must teach our children too! My middle son is 4 and currently learning to read and write. His reading is better than his writing at this point. His fine-motor skills need more time and practice to develop. But, what […]