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Teach your kids about the real meaning of Christmas with the help of the curious and playful Melk, the Christmas Monkey

Melk the Christmas Monkey

Children are so full of wonder at Christmastime. There is something truly magical about the season. But weeks and weeks before Christmas, it starts. Ads. Magazines. Store displays. They all point … [Read More...]

The Key to Instilling a Love for God and the Bible in Your Children. Christian parenting tips and encouragement from Kids in the Word.

The Key to Instilling a Love for God in Your Children

"It's way easier for you than for me. You're a homeschool mom, so you're with your children more and have curriculum to tell you what to do."     As Christian moms we want to … [Read More...]

Danika's favorite audio Bible for little ones.

Bible By Osmosis {My Favorite Bible Tool for the Littles}

Jonah Being Swallowed by the Fish, 1476, Kennicott Bible, Public Domain I was particularly harried that day. (Who am I kidding? I was particularly harried every day!) It was a bright fall morning and … [Read More...]


The Power and Practice of Blessing

When my children were very young, I began to think about what kinds of spiritual practices and rituals I wanted to incorporate into our home. There was a class I was going to be teaching at my … [Read More...]

Set A Goal - Reading the entire Bible with your kids before they leave your home. Read how we're doing this in our home at Kids in the Word.

Set A Goal: Read Through The Entire Bible with Your Kids

There are 929 chapters in the Old Testament. At the pace of 2 chapters each week day, it would take 3.5 years to get through the Old Testament. I've previously told you that you can read one chapter … [Read More...]

7 Character training resources for you and your kids.

My Top 7 Character Training Resources

I guess it’s fair to say that I am a fan of Biblical character training. As a mom of boys I find it life-saving to have books and resources for me, and readily available to my sons as they learn how … [Read More...]

The reasons my family doesn't celebrate halloween at

The Reasons My Family Doesn’t Celebrate Halloween

My family doesn't celebrate Halloween. That's a little controversial within our own extended family. Even this week a man in line at Costco asked one of my boys what he is going to dress up as for … [Read More...]

Study famous women in the Bible with your girls!

Bible Characters Girls Love

Jesus is always the main character in the Bible. However, studying the women of the Bible as heroines can be a fun and engaging way to dig into the Word with your girls and teach them about godly … [Read More...]


Children ~ Life’s Little Interruptions

Interruptions: Good or bad, they intrude on our thought process. Big or small, they invade our privacy. In fact, I think that God gave my children a need-o-meter -- something that goes off ONLY … [Read More...]

Study famous men in the Bible with your boys!

Bible Characters Boys Love

Boys love action, adventure, daring, and a little bit of crazy! One fun way to get in the Word with your boys is to do some character studies with them. Of course, Jesus is the main character in … [Read More...]

What is the First Step in Teaching the Bible to Your Kids?

What is the First Step in Teaching the Bible to Your Kids?

We did a short survey of Kids in the Word readers this summer. We asked what your struggles are in teaching the Bible to your kids. What holds you back or keeps you from devotions with your kids? Many … [Read More...]


Setting an Example

Many years ago I got in the practice of doing a daily devotion, and taking some time each day to read scripture and pray. When I began to be really intentional about doing this, my children were … [Read More...]

Study Bible characters with your kids using this profile sheet.

Bible Character Profile Sheet

Studying the men and women of the Bible can be a powerful lesson for our kids as well as ourselves. Download this profile worksheet and use it to learn about the characters of the Bible. Here are some … [Read More...]

Seek with text

Seek Ye First To Understand

My pastor introduced me to a particular phrase from Stephen Covey that has literally changed my life: "Seek first to understand, then to be understood." Prior to learning this phrase (and … [Read More...]

3 tips for learning to be comfortable teaching the bible.

Be Comfortable Teaching the Word

Portrait of an Old Woman Reading, c.1630-1635, Gerrit Dou (1613-1675), Public Domain Let's be honest, shall we? There's been a recent realization in evangelical communities that for too long we … [Read More...]