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BOGO Bible Studies and more at Not Consumed

BOGO Bible Studies at Not Consumed

One of our favorite places for kids’ Bible studies has been Not Consumed. Kim has written some studies that hit on topics our kids need to study and understand. She’s done that in an engaging and visually appealing way in each of these studies. Kim is running a Black Friday sale that begins today and […]

Birth of Jesus

Grapevine Studies: Birth of Jesus

The boys and I are have used Birth of Jesus two years in a row to celebrate Advent. I love Grapevine Studies and so do my boys. Who doesn’t love drawing stick figures? Right? I like using the electronic versions of Grapevine Studies, but you can buy print versions too. The electronic family license allows us to print […]


Jesus Wept

I have a constant internal struggle that happens in my house about certain programming on television and whether or not it is appropriate for all ages, and sometimes, even for myself. Perhaps you might be wondering – what t.v. shows are the source of such angst? The evening news. To be completely honest, I am a […]

stopping the drama train

Stopping The Drama Train In Its Tracks

We, as women, are way more prone to drama. We just are. God has made us with super big hearts, with super big feelings, that read into relationships…and conversations and actions and looks and body language…am I right or am I right? As much as I pride myself on trying to stay drama-free, I must […]

Solution for the Gimmies: A Content Heart

Solution for the Gimmies: A Content Heart

“Gimmie. Gimmie. Gimmie.” Maybe at your house it sounds more like this: “I want… I want… I want…” My response is often something like, “Can’t you just be content?” But can my kids really be content? Have I taught them how to be content? Have I given them a Biblical foundation for being content? Kim at […]


Beyond Thanksgiving

I love Thanksgiving. There is something about this particular holiday that tugs at my heart strings in a way that so many of the other holidays don’t. Perhaps it is because it is less commercialized. Thanksgiving doesn’t tend to get caught up in gift giving or candy or trying to make sure the secular message […]

Changes: Teaching About Puberty from a Biblical Perspective

Changes: Teaching About Puberty from a Biblical Perspective

Puberty. The thought of walking this windy, bumpy road with my soon to be 9-year-old makes me want to run the other direction. Probably not the best choice! Every parent comes to a place where they have to deal with puberty and their child. You have a couple of choices. You can run and ignore […]

Check out this printable Bible memory verse booklet in KJV or ESV!

Give Thanks to the Giver of All Things {Free Bible Memory Booklets in ESV or KJV}

It’s hard to deny–we (here in the West) live in a culture of entitlement and excess. Humility, thankfulness, and the recognition that all blessings flow from our God and Father are hard qualities to come by, even for those of us who really love King Jesus. (To be honest, we may not be big on […]

Christmas Story Lego Challenge - Teach the Bible using Legos!

Christmas Story LEGO Challenge

Do you have kids who love LEGOs? My boys love LEGOs and they have a ton of them. Ok, maybe not an actual ton, but when we moved to a new house they filled a medium size moving box and spilled over into another box. As a mom, I love the imagination and creativity that […]

When Lightening Struck - Historical fiction for young adults about the life of Martin Luther and the Reformation.

When Lightning Struck – A KITW Review

The Reformation was one of the most important periods of time in church history. How much do you know about the people of that time? What about the stories of how the Protestant Church came to be? Martin Luther is one of the most well-known people and driving forces of the Reformation. He was a […]

The timing and proximity of Thanksgiving to Christmas gives us time put our hearts in the right place before entering the Advent season. Help your kids learn year-round thankfulness and gratitude with our study at Kids in the Word. FREE sample chapter!

Teaching Your Kids About Thankfulness

I think it’s interesting that Thanksgiving comes so close to Christmas in the United States. It is the perfect time to stop and refocus. Thanksgiving is a great reminder of the gratefulness we should have year-round. The timing and proximity of Thanksgiving to Christmas gives us time to put our hearts in the right place […]

Thanksgiving Scripture Memory Cards - Psalm 100 and 105 for the Family Scripture Memory Challenge

Thanksgiving Scripture Memory Cards (Psalm 100 & 105)

The November scripture cards are here for the Kids in the Word Family Scripture Memory Challenge! Psalm 105 is one of my favorite scriptures of thanksgiving, and 100 is a close second! We’ll be learning these scriptures together as a family this Thanksgiving season. Will you join us?

The reasons my family doesn't celebrate halloween at

The Reasons My Family Doesn’t Celebrate Halloween

My family doesn’t celebrate Halloween. That’s a little controversial within our own extended family. Even this week a man in line at Costco asked one of my boys what he is going to dress up as for Halloween. People say it’s just fun. I have to disagree. From well before our oldest son was born, my […]

Galaxy Buck Mission to Sector 9 -  A KITW review

Galaxy Buck: Mission to Sector 9

My kids are huge fans of Buck Denver and the What’s in the Bible? series from Jelly Telly. The What’s in the Bible? series takes your kids cover to cover through the Bible in 13 DVDs. My kids have watched them over and over again. The series makes the Bible and basic theology very accessible […]

When Being Different Isn't Easy

When Being Different Isn’t Easy

Our kids live in a hard time. It is a time when everyone wants to be different – and yet, when we are different, for the right reasons, we are picked on. It isn’t easy for our kids to be Christians. That isn’t a bad thing – it shouldn’t be “easy.” However, it isn’t widely […]